Let the family have love, let the family have happiness!

Create happy family time and light up the value of life



Everyone looks forward to a good family relationship. However, every family has difficult problems. Under the dual pressures of work and economics, many people have to face family communication conflicts, parent-child relationship alienation, parent-child parenting and other issues. Why is this? Are there mistakes in family education and upbringing, or have the core family values and definitions changed quietly?


We firmly believe that family is the starting point for a person to realize their dreams and find their own worth. In fact, every father and mother aspires to be the strongest backing for their children, and every child also expects to feel love, parent-child relationship, and family relationships in the family. The best solution to communication and conflict is to listen more, accept empathy, accompany, encourage, support, etc. in the interaction. When family members play their roles well, the function of the family will be enhanced. Therefore, in order to become the support of every family, the purpose of the establishment of the Yabis Social Welfare Charity Foundation is to provide comprehensive and root-causing solutions to family problems, implement the goal of building a healthy and happy family, and light up everyone’s life. the value of.





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